Little Things

PebblesI was talking on the phone with my mom last night. Near the end of the conversation, she told a story I had not heard before.

“Write that down! It’s a good idea for a blog post,” I said.

“Really? A story about a yellow crayon?” Mom sounded almost dismissive.

“Yeah. It’s a good story! I think people will relate to it.”

“Hmm. I’ll have to find a way to make it about happiness.”

I don’t know if mom will blog about the yellow crayon, but I liked the story. After our conversation, I wondered if she would even have noticed those thoughts, let alone considered writing about them. I must have (and forget) a dozen random thoughts each day that teach a lesson, tell a story, or make a point. Some are silly, some are smart, and sometimes I trip over something profound.

How many times do you pass over little things in your day? How often do you dismiss a memory from your past, just because it was “no big deal?” Some of them may be worth another look.

You don’t know what might be of value to another. What may be “just a pebble” to you could trigger an avalanche of insights or opportunities for someone else. By not sharing, you deprive them of the chance to benefit.

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  1. It happens a million times a week to me, invariably when I’m driving in the car and cannot do anything about it. Then it’s gone.

    Just think what my blog WOULD be if it didn’t work that way!

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