Life Lessons From the Last Day of Third Grade

chalk board eraserDo you remember what you learned on the last day of third grade?


Me either. But I did learn a few things today…

  • Two nine-year-old girls are fun together.
  • Girls change clothes before (and after) dance class much more quickly when they have the right incentive.
  • It’s better with friends.
  • Fathers should wear tennis shoes to the park.
  • I still like love to play tag.
  • Life isn’t fair, especially when you didn’t hear that someone else is now “it” and you were just tagged.
  • Overtired 9-year-olds can still have meltdowns.
  • It’s easier for (some) adults to ponder this important question: Would you rather be right or be happy?

I’m grateful that I could spend the afternoon with my daughter and her friend. I hope I find this again in a few (or many) years and it jogs my memory.

Photo credit: alkruse24


  1. Who Are You?

  2. Very nice way to live it up!! I already plnnaed to visit Sri Lanka to watch T20 world cup and spend fall pretty nicely. Cheers mate

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